Is your website human-centric?

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To thrive in today’s digital world, news organizations must understand how users find, read, view, skim, listen, and otherwise consume news productions. Human-centered design is a concept that puts human beings and their goals, wants, and needs at the center of the product design process. In this piece, we explore themes and what you should…

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Digital Metrics: Making Better Use of Website Data

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Every digital marketer and business executive in the local news world should have a solid understanding of how their website is performing against their business goals. To that end, CNN Newsource created a series of explainers around key web analytics topics.  This series, Making Metrics Matter, will help non-experts gain a sense of comfort with…

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Mobile-Friendly Ever Important for Search: Google’s Algorithm Change Coming on April 21, 2015

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– By Dan Perry, SEO Director, Turner Broadcasting Systems Google will be rolling out a new mobile-friendly algorithm on April 21st. This algorithm will be measuring whether or not content is mobile-friendly on a page-by-page basis as part of Google’s search engine ranking signal, meaning it’s important to ensure that all of your site sections…

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SEO Series: Get Your Digital Videos Found

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The advent of blended search results, known as “universal search” in Google, has produced listings that now contain various types of media beyond traditional website, including images, videos, news, blogs and products. With blended search, engines can provide even more visually appealing and relevant results. Some of the most noticeable blended search results are videos.…

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SEO Tips for News

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Search engine optimization isn’t just for promoting goods and services anymore. Research shows that roughly half of Americans say they get their news from search engines. Good SEO strategies can help push your content to the top of the heap, driving more traffic. Own your keywords by delivering exactly what users are looking for,when they are looking for it. CNN Newsource shares…

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