Digital Metrics: Making Better Use of Website Data

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Every digital marketer and business executive in the local news world should have a solid understanding of how their website is performing against their business goals. To that end, CNN Newsource created a series of explainers around key web analytics topics.  This series, Making Metrics Matter, will help non-experts gain a sense of comfort with…

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Virtual Reality in Local News: Part 2

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Bring virtual reality (VR) storytelling into newsrooms of any size: Choose the right gear & setting up the shot. “VR is a rapidly changing space, much more than traditional digital. Be ready to pivot and have a sense of exploration and discovery in trying things. Get comfortable with experimenting.” –Lucas Miré, Product Manager, CNN Mobile…

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How to Capture the Modern News Consumer

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CNN Newsource is pleased to share insight into how local news partners can capture attention of the modern news consumer. In this three-part series, we look at current statistics and trends regarding today’s news consumption behaviors, discuss leading and upcoming publishing channels, and conclude with a must-read section filled with best practices and tips culled…

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Insights: Monetizing Digital Content for News Publishers

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Building a digital audience is at the forefront of any news publisher’s mind. Great content always wins, but that’s just half the story: do you have a strategy to capitalize on that great content and traffic? In our latest thought leadership piece, “Digital Content Monetization“, we delve into the world of digital news publishing, and…

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