CNN is the world’s foremost news gathering network and it is watched daily in millions of homes, offices, schools and government agencies around the globe. CNN Newsource is the nation’s premier news service, licensed to local news providers throughout the world, so they might utilize news material gathered by CNN to enhance their own newscasts.

CNN Newsource donates the use of this material through CNN Newsource in the Classroom. It’s our way of assisting the efforts of colleges, universities and secondary schools that are training the world’s future journalism professionals. What better way to help train tomorrow’s journalists than by providing them with access to the same material that is being used by hundreds of local news-producing television stations around the United States and Canada. Schools can add the element of realism to their classrooms by using CNN material in student-produced newscasts that air on campus cable access channels and on other non-commercial stations.


By having such a valuable resource at your fingertips, students can learn to:
  • produce newscasts
  • write stories to today’s video
  • produce packages using vo/nat sound elements
  • edit packages with reporter tracks
  • localize national and international stories
  • handle wire copy and use valuable script and rundown information
  • practice editorial skills
  • develop and sharpen tape production skills

This hands-on experience is invaluable to journalism students who are looking to obtain positions in local television news, thanks in part to the newsroom skills they acquired while using CNN Newsource in the Classroom


The CNN Newsource material covers a multitude of national and international news stories provided by CNN bureaus and our affiliates around the world. Along with national and international news, topics covered include medical, sports, business, science, technology and entertainment. The video may be in package, voice over, natural sound, sound on tape, raw or other formats. In addition to the video portion, CNN Newsource provides scripts that correspond to each piece of video. Scripts & video are located on the Internet at http://newsource.cnn.com. A username and password will be issued once you have become a licensed Newsource in the Classroom affiliate. If you are an affiliate but do not know your username or password, please contact Sandra Turner at 404-827-3885 or via e-mail at sandra.turner@turner.com.

Accessing Newsource Content Using Bitcentral Oasis Delivery System

Users may access Newsource content via an Internet browser from any appropriately networked desktop or laptop computer. Although there are no specific requirements for computer hardware or connection speed to access Newsource content, the faster the local computer and its connection to the Internet, the better the service will perform.



The following Internet browsers are supported: IE 7+, Firefox 3+, Safari 3+
Network Configuration Information

Access to Newsource content and transfers of that content to the local computer occur over specific ports using TCP or UDP protocols. The following ports must be open both in and outbound. This may require modification of your local firewall settings.

The following ports will be used for access and delivery of content:

TCP: 80 – Web Access TCP: 443 – Secure Web Access TCP: 49221 – File Transfer TCP: 49221-49332 – File Transfer The local computers will be accessing and/or being accessed on the above listed ports from the following ranges of IP addresses.

  • through
  • through
  • through

If you need assistance accessing Newsource content, please contact Bitcentral at 1-800-272-4004 or support@bitcentral.com.


Bitcentral Oasis is CNN Newsource\’s video delivery system. Your school will be able to access content through the password protected Newsource website.

Here are just a few of the benefits of Bitcentral:

  • Access to view and download a wider range of CNN content. No longer constrained by set feed windows, you\’ll be able to download almost everything in our distribution system.
  • Proxy-editing feature allows you to download only what you need, when you need it.
  • Web-based interface provides multiple access points.

To download video, you or your IT staff may need to make a couple of configuration settings. A \”Technical Information & Download Guide\” will be provided to assist you in accessing video via Bitcentral. If you have any setup questions, you can contact Bitcentral Support at 1-800-272-4004 or support@bitcentral.com.


If you are interested in pursuing an affiliation with CNN Newsource, please follow the instructions below:
  • Complete the Application Form.
  • Complete and sign the License Agreement.
  • Email or fax the Application Form and License Agreement to contact details.
  • Wait to receive an executed copy of the License Agreement and “Welcome Letter” with your username and password to access the Newsource website.
  • Download video via Bitcentral’s interface through the Newsource website.
  • Begin using CNN Newsource video for your school’s student produced newscasts!





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