Digital video tips: Optimizing for engagement & revenue

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The first rule of digital video is that there are no rules. There are, however, best practices. Here are five tips for creating more compelling videos based on CNN’s 20+ years serving millions of streams. Check out full details here.   1. Platforms: Know best video types for websites, social media, and YouTube. 2. Content…

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Virtual Reality in Local News: Part 2

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Bring virtual reality (VR) storytelling into newsrooms of any size: Choose the right gear & setting up the shot. “VR is a rapidly changing space, much more than traditional digital. Be ready to pivot and have a sense of exploration and discovery in trying things. Get comfortable with experimenting.” –Lucas Miré, Product Manager, CNN Mobile…

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Insights: Monetizing Digital Content for News Publishers

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Building a digital audience is at the forefront of any news publisher’s mind. Great content always wins, but that’s just half the story: do you have a strategy to capitalize on that great content and traffic? In our latest thought leadership piece, “Digital Content Monetization“, we delve into the world of digital news publishing, and…

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Turner is First to Apply Watson Technology to Broadcast Advertising Sales

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Turner is continuing to invest in resources that allow agencies and marketers to have access to powerful insights resulting in stronger business outcomes. As part of that effort, today it was announced that Turner Incite, the company’s core intelligence platform for advertising sales, is now fueled by the specific advertising sales technologies of the IBM…

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WEBINARS: Best Practices in Digital Video, Consumer Behavior, and Digital Video Monetization

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Sure, we now know that more and more people are getting their news through digital platforms: web, mobile, even social channels. That’s old news. The next frontier is the format in which you present the news. Consider this: more than 6 in 10 U.S. adults now watch videos online ­and roughly half of those –…

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SEO Series: Get Your Digital Videos Found

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The advent of blended search results, known as “universal search” in Google, has produced listings that now contain various types of media beyond traditional website, including images, videos, news, blogs and products. With blended search, engines can provide even more visually appealing and relevant results. Some of the most noticeable blended search results are videos.…

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Digital Video & The Future of News

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We now know that more and more people are getting their news through digital platforms. That’s old news. The next frontier is the format in which you present the news. The explosion in online video viewing habits demands that news producers quickly get versed about optimal ways to program news videos for the digital audience, and equally importantly, how to…

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