Best Practices for Local News: Creating & Distributing Podcasts

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Podcasting has seen rapid growth in recent years, with about one-third of the U.S. population listening on a regular basis.  Advertisers have flocked to this medium, as listeners tend to be younger, more educated and have higher incomes than the general population.  It makes sense for local news providers to consider extending their brands and…

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Virtual Reality in Local News: Part 2

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Bring virtual reality (VR) storytelling into newsrooms of any size: Choose the right gear & setting up the shot. “VR is a rapidly changing space, much more than traditional digital. Be ready to pivot and have a sense of exploration and discovery in trying things. Get comfortable with experimenting.” –Lucas Miré, Product Manager, CNN Mobile…

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How to Capture the Modern News Consumer

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CNN Newsource is pleased to share insight into how local news partners can capture attention of the modern news consumer. In this three-part series, we look at current statistics and trends regarding today’s news consumption behaviors, discuss leading and upcoming publishing channels, and conclude with a must-read section filled with best practices and tips culled…

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“Just Scratching the Surface”: CNN’s Greg Agvent on Potential of “Drone Journalism”

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At the recent UAS Midwest Conference in Dayton, OH, Tristan Navera of the Dayton Business Journal caught up with Greg Agvent, CNN’s Senior Director of News Operations about the potential uses of drones in newsgathering. In the interview, Agvent shared some of the ways of how CNN used drone footage to enhance its news coverage. Read the whole…

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