CNN Newsource offers unparalleled live, breaking and topical content. With an unmatched newsgathering footprint and unrivaled client service, we provide local news organizations with products and services needed to outperform competition – across all platforms.


With 36 domestic and international editorial operations and more than 1,000 local news partners in our network, CNN Newsource is the industry’s most powerful newsgathering resource and North America’s most widely-distributed syndicated news service.

CNN Newsource provides you with 24-hour digital distribution and eleven live digital satellite channels to create a compelling local newscast. Your CNN Newsource regional newsgathering partners work in the trenches with you -- to support you as news develops, collaborate on key stories and gather news that matters to your audiences.

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Partner with the leader in breaking news. With two dozen branded networks and as the #1 online news destination across platforms, CNN consistently delivers the richest blend of live breaking and topical news.

Access the largest newsgathering footprint in the market. CNN has 1,000+ news partners across broadcast, radio, newspaper and digital. Our regional newsgathering team brings in more regional news than any other network, often by 3 or 4 times.

We understand your market. Our dedicated regional desk is the industry’s most comprehensive newsgathering service.

More live news. Our affiliates get 24/7 live, breaking news coverage via eleven live channels along with expanded Video-Over-IP (VoIP) options. Daily generic and custom live shots are also available.

Real-time alerts. We keep you posted with real-time and head's up advisories. Learn more.


Get broadcast-ready video including live and breaking news, multiple daily packages driven by the news cycle, and regular sponsor-ready franchise pieces.

Fill your digital platforms with top trending stories each day, curated by our expert team and delivered to your inbox. Digital videos are paired with text stories and images for a total publishing solution.


Maximize your time. The Newsource website brings all available content into one place, including server-based ingest, RSS feeds. and easy, one-click video publishing across platforms.

Increase your purchasing power. Access CNN’s discounted rates on live and transmissions services. Our scale and expertise can help you run your business more efficiently.

They provide better service, content, variety
and quicker turnarounds on breaking news.



CNN Newsource offers custom services to help you deliver a powerful local news program. Whether you need custom live shots, original content about hot consumer topics, or production services – we are here for you.


During election season, partner with CNN Newsource RunningMate to secure your front row seat to key moments with market-exclusive coverage. Contact your CNN Newsource representative or call 404-827-4642 for more info.

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Help your viewers make better financial decisions, whether it comes to budgeting, investing or saving for college or retirement. With Money Matters, you’ll get daily, custom live shots from a dedicated correspondent, direct from the NASDAQ.

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Create a sense of presence and urgency in your newscasts with live signals. From multiple live signals, to generic and custom live shots, to onsite assistance for your crew, count on CNN Newsource Live to take you right to the heart of the action – without the cost and logistical challenges of sending your own crew. Spanish live shots are available. Call 404.827.2915 to book. Learn more.

Transmission Services

CNN buys tons of transmission and, as a Newsource affiliate, you get access to our low rates. If you need satellite or fiber time, just call us or book directly online. Learn more.

Your D.C. Bureau

Extend your reach with on-site coverage of the nation’s hottest political topics. When you need to produce a talkback with a Congress member, cover D.C. news or facilitate a dynamic live shot location for your reporter, we offer connections, prime locations and customized coverage without logistical challenges and high cost of doing it yourself. Learn more.


CNN has the industry’s largest video archive with more than 3 million assets and 700,000+ hours of footage. Standard delivery is under 2 hours. Let us help distinguish your on-air and digital programming and tell a powerful story. Learn more.

Custom Services

Newsource offers custom affiliate support services to make producing a competitive newscast easier and more cost-effective.