WEBINARS: Best Practices in Digital Video, Consumer Behavior, and Digital Video Monetization

Sure, we now know that more and more people are getting their news through digital platforms: web, mobile, even social channels. That’s old news. The next frontier is the format in which you present the news. Consider this: more than 6 in 10 U.S. adults now watch videos online ­and roughly half of those – 36% of all U.S. adults – watch news videos. And video is expected to account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.

The explosion in online video viewing habits demands that news publishers be well-versed in smart ways to program video content for digital audiences and how to protect and grow revenue with this strategy.  As a trusted source for your community, your brand is primed to ride this new wave in news reporting.

We  take a close look at this new reality through a series of podcasts / recorded webinars about the proliferation of digital videos in news. We will deep-dive into How Behaviors Are Changing, Best Practices in Digital Video, and Digital Video Monetization.

We used secondary research and our own expertise at CNN.com, and we are pulling back the curtains for you.

Part 1: How Behaviors Around Digital Media are Changing

One-third of the top news videos on YouTube in 2012 were posted by citizens, not news organizations.  The dissemination of content, including video, has changed from a one-way “broadcast” to a two-way exchange.  We will examine consumers’ changing expectations, how technology and platforms affect consumption habits, and how publishers both new and established are evolving in this disruptive ecosystem.

Part 2: Best Practices in Digital Video

What are the best steps to leverage video for your brand?  Are you leveraging all the video sources available to you?  Are you tracking your video performance?  In this section, we’ll look at industry best practices as well as some of CNN.com’s own findings.  From the editorial side, we’ll look at ways to present a story to frame video in the optimal way, and from the publishing side, we’ll look at ways to track and reward good content as well as how to improve what you’re already doing with SEO and social.

Part 3: Monetizing Digital Video

There is plenty of good news around growth in digital video audiences and viewing habits. Digital video viewership has grown 43% year-over-year.  Now let’s see how those larger numbers are paying off.  We’ll look at traditional and non-traditional means of video monetization as well as the various syndication models that exist.  We’ll even study what the data say about when to run ads and for exactly how long and other benefits beyond revenue.