Our Favorite 20 Social Tools for Newsgathering

Sure, you watch your Twitter feed like a hawk as part of your daily newsgathering scan. Same goes for scanning Facebook, maybe even Instagram and the like. Using social platforms for newsgathering is now a common, even essential, practice in newsrooms everywhere. But with literally hundreds of social networks and apps out there, how to find the ones that really work in your time-crunched world?

CNN to the rescue! We sweet-talked our newsgathering teams to share their favorite social tools that they rely on for newgathering. And here is a compilation of Our Favorite 20: Tools for Social Newsgathering, straight from our newsroom to yours. From newsgathering websites to discovering trending videos, this needs to be your go-to list now.

Happy newsgathering (and you’re welcome!)

Click to download  Our Favorite 20: Tools for Social Newsgathering.