News in the Mobile World

The following series, News in a Mobile World, is designed to provide our local news partners with thought-starters, ideas and perspectives on the mobile news landscape.

Some news organizations are mobile ninjas; others have just begun to dip their toes in the water. Regardless, our hope is that this series proves useful in providing thought-provoking questions and best practices to help raise all of our games in the mobile news world.

Part 1:

Why Mobile Matters is the first in the four part series, providing an overview of mobile news consumption, trends, habits and devices.

Screen Shot_News in Mobile World

Part 2:

Making Sense of Mobile, is the second in the four part series, focusing on the business decisions that a mobile news provider must make. Topics include whether to build a mobile web versus a native app experience, best practices in responsive design, and other key challenges and takeaways in running a mobile news business.

Making Sense of Mobile

Part 3:

Programming content for mobile brings unique considerations and challenges, but with that comes huge opportunity.  It’s not about simply trimming text or repackaging the same content into bite-size formats. In our 3rd installment, CNN Newsource explores how to build a content strategy that caters to the unique ways mobile users consume news.

Part 3 News in Mobile

Part 4:

This chapter, Monetizing Mobile, is the last in the four part series, discussing issues around monetizing your mobile programming, including advertising trends, CPMs, reach, categories and consumer preferences.