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DIGITAL SERVICES extended its winning streak to a third month in July and cemented its position as the number one digital destination for news video.  With 194 million video streams, 19 million unique viewers and 1.3 billion minutes of video consumed for the month, CNN easily secured wins across the board and beat out Yahoo News, Buzzfeed and all competitors in the news and information category.

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CNN understands what it takes to win in the digital space. Let CNN help you fill your platforms with powerful, trusted news content. The CNN Wire is the backbone of, providing text, photos and graphics for the most-consumed news and information website in the U.S., with nearly 1 billion page views to date.

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The CNN Video Affiliate Network is a powerful digital video syndication network focused exclusively on quality news and lifestyle video from CNN and trusted providers.  Our network combines the scale of CNN, along with our unparalleled footprint of 900+ affiliates, to bring our partners premium reach and advertising revenue for their content.

The VAN is available exclusively for CNN Newsource clients and select distribution partners. VAN affiliates can generate revenue as both owners and publishers of digital video content.  CNN provides the pre-curated, topical and trending videos along with the advertising, technology and publishing infrastructure to make it easy to participate.

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Complement your existing digital offering with powerful, trusted video curated by CNN. VAN videos span multiple categories such as news, entertainment and lifestyle, with the best selections highlighted for easy publishing.

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Our player leads the industry, with responsive design, high-definition video, recommendations, social integration, video galleries and more.

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VAN is exclusively available to CNN Newsource affiliates and select distribution partners. Content is always protected within a premium environment.

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The VAN dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. Discover great content across multiple categories and quickly embed videos into existing articles or publish automated feeds on your section fronts.

The Video Affiliate Network is growing quickly, and as new affiliates join and more video is published, the power of the VAN increases even more. The video available in the VAN comes from our large footprint of news affiliates, in addition to CNN video and select content partners. VAN allows you to customize the video experience for your site to meet your specific needs.

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  • Nunciatura de Chile comienza investigación contra arzobispo Bernardino Piñera por presunto abuso sexual
    (CNN) — La nunciatura apostólica de Chile informó este martes que abrirá una investigación en contra del tío del presidente Sebastián Piñera, Bernardino Piñera, arzobispo emérito de la ciudad de La Serena, quien es sospechoso de haber cometido abuso sexual contra un menor de edad hace más de 50 años.
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 3:49 am EDT - 21 August
  • Alibaba will reportedly delay its second listing in Hong Kong
    Alibaba has delayed plans to list its stock in Hong Kong, according to Reuters. The Chinese tech company already trades publicly in New York, but was reported to have been considering a second listing that Reuters said could raise as much as $15 billion. The plan was to list in
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 3:39 am EDT - 21 August
  • La selva amazónica de Brasil arde a una velocidad récord, advierte agencia espacial
    (CNN) — Las selvas tropicales de la Amazonia en Brasil están ardiendo a la tasa más alta desde que el centro de investigación espacial del país comenzó con su seguimiento en 2013. Hasta el 20 de agosto, el Instituto Nacional de Investigación Espacial (Inpe) reportó un total de 72.843 incendios
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 3:22 am EDT - 21 August
  • Trump pospone viaje a Dinamarca tras el rechazo a discutir la venta de Groenlandia
    (CNN) — A menos de dos semanas de su viaje a Dinamarca, el presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, anunció en Twitter que había pospuesto su visita después de que la primera ministra de ese país calificara su interés en comprar Groenlandia como “absurdo”. “Dinamarca es un país muy especial
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 2:46 am EDT - 21 August
  • ‘The Matrix’ regresa con Keanu Reeves y Carrie-Anne Moss
    (CNN) — Keanu Reeves y Carrie-Anne Moss volverán a entrar a “The Matrix” para protagonizar una tercera secuela de la película de ciencia ficción de 1999, cuya producción se espera que comience el próximo año. Las estrellas se reunirán con una de las escritoras y directoras originales, Lana Wachowski, quien
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 2:20 am EDT - 21 August
  • Patrulla Fronteriza no vacunará a inmigrantes contra la influenza
    (CNN) — La Oficina de Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza de Estados Unidos (CBP) no vacunará a los inmigrantes, a pesar de que la temporada de influenza está a solo unos meses y varios niños bajo custodia de EE.UU. murieron después de contraer esta enfermedad desde diciembre de 2018. “En general,
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 1:59 am EDT - 21 August
  • Property owners in Denver neighborhood vote to keep its controversial name
    Property owners in the well-known Denver neighborhood of Stapleton were asked to vote this summer on whether to change the name of their community named for a onetime member the Ku Klux Klan. Activists argued it wrongly immortalized a racist mayor in office almost century ago. Others said the name
    Topic: USAPublished at 12:30 am EDT - 21 August
  • Economy scares and ISIS resurgence cloud Trump’s 2020 pitch
    A sudden cascade of events is challenging President Donald Trump's boasts of an unprecedented American winning streak that is a critical component of his reelection salesmanship. Rising fears of a recession, layoffs in steel country and new evidence of the toll on US households of his tariff war are contradicting
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 12:01 am EDT - 21 August
  • American accused of killing Caribbean worker has been getting threats of violence, lawyer says
    An American tourist accused of killing a resort worker on the Caribbean island of Anguilla said he and his family have been "living a nightmare" for the past few months. Gavin Scott Hapgood, 44, spoke at a press conference in New York Tuesday for the first time since he was
    Topic: USAPublished at 11:45 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Asian markets drift lower as all eyes turn to the Fed
    Markets are entering a holding pattern. Asian stocks were mostly lower early Wednesday, taking a lead from declines overnight in the United States. In the absence of further developments on the US-China trade war, investors appear to be shifting their focus to what Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will have
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 10:56 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Abusos de la fuerza pública, asesinatos y violencia: las razones por las que protestan las mujeres en México
    (CNN Español) — Una manifestación de mujeres que protestaban contra la violencia de género tuvo lugar en Ciudad de México el fin de semana; esta fue detonada por agresiones y violencia contra las mujeres este año, en que los acusados son policías. Las mujeres mexicanas dicen estar “hartas” de la
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 10:46 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Family spokeswoman: Man struck by lightning has died
    Click here for updates on this story GULF SHORES, Ala. (WALA) -- A woman speaking on behalf of the family of the man struck by lightning in Gulf Shores last week reports that Kristopher Herronen has died. "The Herronen family wanted to thank everyone for their prayers but Kris has
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 10:38 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Cámara de Diputados de Paraguay rechaza juicio político contra Mario Abdo Benítez
    (CNN Español) — Este martes, la Cámara de Diputados de Paraguay rechazó el juicio político contra el presidente Mario Abdo Benítez, el vicepresidente, Hugo Velázquez, y el ministro de Hacienda, Benigno López, hermano del presidente. El libelo acusatorio había sido presentado por la oposición tras un acuerdo energético con Brasil,
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 10:31 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Florida officials are investigating why panthers are seen stumbling and falling down
    There have been two confirmed cases of neurological damage in a panther and bobcat in Florida as of this month, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). The agency is currently investigating the cause of the disorder in the animals that is impacting their ability to walk.
    Topic: USAPublished at 9:54 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Ex primera dama de Honduras, declarada culpable de tres delitos de apropiación indebida y ocho de fraude
    (CNN Español) — Rosa Elena Bonilla de Lobo, ex primera dama de Honduras, fue declarada culpable por unanimidad de tres delitos de apropiación indebida y ocho delitos de fraude, lo que la llevaría a estar en prisión entre 58 y 87 años. A la ex primera dama no se le
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 9:31 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Bernie Sanders jabs Trump over comments about Jewish loyalty
    Sen. Bernie Sanders on Tuesday jabbed at President Donald Trump after the President claimed that American Jews who vote for Democrats "(show) either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty." "Let me say this to the President. I am a proud Jewish person. And I have no concerns about
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 9:29 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Un rastro de ‘oro sangriento’ conduce al gobierno de Venezuela
    (CNN) — El choque del acero contra las rocas resuena a través de la galería oscura, mientras Darwin Rojas, de 43 años, martilla en un pequeño rincón. Está embarrado, sudoroso y respira con dificultad, aplastando piedra tras piedra a su alrededor. Cincuenta metros bajo tierra, el aire es más cálido que
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 9:13 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Trump postpones Denmark trip after prime minister refuses to sell Greenland
    Less than two weeks before his scheduled trip to Denmark, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he has postponed his visit to Copenhagen after the Danish Prime Minister disputed his interest in buying Greenland as "absurd." "Denmark is a very special country with incredible people, but based on Prime
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 8:56 pm EDT - 20 August
  • El río de la felicidad
    Nota del editor: Camilo Egaña es el conductor de Camilo. Las opiniones expresadas en este artículo son exclusivas del autor. (CNN Español) — Mi sobrino colombiano-cubano no conoce a su hermanastro africano. Y Nuno no conoce a Daniel. Pero los dos tienen la misma edad y casi los mismos sueños.
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 8:54 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Former pathologist accused of working while impaired charged with manslaughter
    Click here for updates on this story Fayetteville, AR (KFSM) -- A former pathologist at the Veterans Healthcare System of the Ozarks has been charged in federal court with three counts of involuntary manslaughter after a year-long investigation into allegations that he worked while he was impaired. Dr. Robert
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 8:34 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Chernobyl: asignaturas pendientes
    Nota del editor: Jorge Gómez Barata es columnista, periodista y exfuncionario del Departamento Ideológico del Comité Central del Partido Comunista de Cuba y exvicepresidente de la agencia de noticias Prensa Latina. Las opiniones expresadas en esta columna son exclusivas del autor. (CNN Español) — “Chernobyl”, la serie de televisión de HBO,
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 8:30 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Dozens of military families move out after mold concerns at JBLM
    Click here for updates on this story JOINT BASE LEWIS-MCCHORD (KCPQ) -- It’s something no one wants to find inside their home: black mold. At least 46 military families at Joint Base Lewis-McChord have moved out of their homes on base after finding mold where they live. Melissa Godoy
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 8:14 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Trump admin expected to allow longer detention of migrant families, officials say
    President Donald Trump's administration is expected on Wednesday to announce a new regulation that would allow for the detention of migrant families beyond the 20-day limit for holding children, two administration officials told CNN. The regulation seeks to replace the so-called Flores Agreement, which requires that migrant children not be
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 8:12 pm EDT - 20 August
  • ‘I’m glad I got the children out, so they didn’t see it’ Daughter recounts her parents’ murder-suicide
    Click here for updates on this story Virginia Beach, VA (WTKR) -- Five children and a 10-month-old baby boy are now left without parents and grandparents. "It's hard on all of us, but I just remind them mommy and daddy are in Heaven and pray to them," said Adrianne Smith.
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 7:56 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Philadelphia police commissioner resigns
    One week after calling him "the best police commissioner in America," Philadelphia's mayor announced that Richard Ross Jr. is resigning. Mayor Jim Kenney said he accepted the resignation because of new allegations of sexual harassment and gender and racial discrimination within the police department. "While those allegations do not accuse
    Topic: USAPublished at 7:51 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Texas parents sue school officials they say used Sharpie to cover son’s new haircut
    The parents of a middle school student are suing a Houston-area school district and school officials in federal court for allegedly coloring in his hair design earlier this year with a black permanent marker. According to the lawsuit filed Sunday, officials at the Berry Miller Junior High in Pearland, Texas,
    Topic: USAPublished at 7:43 pm EDT - 20 August
  • A federal program says you should keep your home above 78 degrees
    A federal program recommends people keep their homes between 78 and 85 degrees, and the internet is freaking out. The guidelines come from Energy Star, a government-backed program to promote energy efficiency, and they've sparked a fiery debate on social media. The program suggests different settings to automate at various
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 7:38 pm EDT - 20 August
  • The Democratic Party isn’t who Twitter thinks it is
    Listen to the majority of candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination or scroll through Twitter and you will rapidly conclude that the Democratic Party is dominated by liberals. You would be wrong. According to the new CNN-SSRS national poll, self-identifying liberals make up less than half of all Democrats:
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 7:31 pm EDT - 20 August
  • A pesar del tuit alarmista de Elon Musk sobre un asteroide que golpearía la Tierra, la NASA dice que no hay una amenaza conocida
    (CNN) — Elon Musk, director ejecutivo de SpaceX y Tesla, tuiteó que una “gran roca” golpeará la Tierra y que “actualmente no tenemos defensa”. Pero la NASA parece estar en desacuerdo. El tuit de Musk fue una respuesta a otro del comediante y podcaster Joe Rogan, quien compartió un artículo
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 7:24 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Jewish leaders outraged by Trump saying Jews disloyal if they vote for Democrats
    President Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats, saying "it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty." Trump was speaking to the press in the Oval Office about two Democratic congresswomen barred from entering Israel over their involvement in the movement to end
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 7:14 pm EDT - 20 August