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Detienen en Venezuela a excongresista colombiana prófuga de la justicia

(CNN Español) — La excongresista colombiana Aída Merlano fue detenida en Maracaibo por las Fuerzas de Acciones Especiales (FAES) de Venezuela, según informó el Ministerio de Relaciones Interiores y de Justicia de ese país. Merlano es prófuga de la justicia colombiana desde octubre de 2019, cuando escapó de un consultorio

Bolton news does not change calculus for Senate Republicans

Revelations in the New York Times of a book manuscript by former national security adviser John Bolton claiming President Donald Trump told him he wanted to continue withholding aid from Ukraine until its government announced investigations “into Democrats including the Bidens” offer the latest twist in the impeachment saga. But the

3M is cutting 1,500 jobs in a global restructuring

Industrial conglomerate 3M is laying off 1,500 workers globally as the company looks to restructure. 3M reported the job cuts, which amount to a little more than 1.5% of its total employee count of 96,000, in its fourth quarter earnings release Tuesday. The company reported sales and earnings that missed forecasts

GOP senator questions if Iowa Democrats will support Biden after impeachment trial

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa suggested Monday that President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial could damage Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in Iowa as the state’s caucuses are less than a week away. Trump’s attempts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden and Joe Biden, his potential political rival, are at the

US airlines offer to change China flights for free for another month as coronavirus spreads

US airlines are giving customers more time to change their flights to China without incurring fees as the deadly coronavirus continues to spread, and as American authorities raise travel precautions for the country. American Airlines and Delta Air Lines on Monday each extended change fee waivers through the end of February.

More Americans went to the library last year than to the movies, a new Gallup poll finds

Who says libraries are dying? Last year, Americans visited the library more than they went to the movies, live sporting events, museums, concerts, amusement parks and casinos, among other activities, according to a Gallup poll released. US adults reported taking 10.5 trips to the library on average in 2019, the poll

8 things you might have missed in the final days before the Iowa caucuses

Nine days from the Iowa caucuses, Democratic presidential candidates are fighting bad winter weather and the headwinds of an impeachment trial that’s dominating national headlines and latching the senators in the race to Washington instead of the campaign trail. Iowa Democratic voters, meanwhile, are still trying to make up their minds.

These stocks are getting hit by coronavirus fears

A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business’ Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here. European markets are showing signs of recovery on Tuesday as investors shake off some concerns about the spreading coronavirus outbreak. US stocks are poised to follow suit. The

UK will allow Huawei to help build its 5G network despite US pressure

The British government said Tuesday that it will allow China’s Huawei to help build the country’s next generation of super-fast wireless networks, a decision that could undermine trade and intelligence ties with the United States. UK mobile operators will be able to use Huawei equipment in their 5G networks but the

McDonald’s is fighting the breakfast war with chicken sandwiches

McDonald’s is trying to cash in on Americans’ growing appetite for chicken sandwiches while upping its game in the increasingly competitive breakfast segment. Starting this week, the fast food giant is selling its Chicken McGriddles and McChicken Biscuit sandwiches nationally for a limited time. They were previously available only in some

One dose of ‘magic mushroom’ drug reduces anxiety and depression in cancer patients, study says

A single dose of psilocybin, a compound found in “magic mushrooms,” provides long-term relief of anxiety and depression in cancer patients, a new study finds. In fact, cancer patients who were given psilocybin reported reductions in anxiety, depression, hopelessness, demoralization, and death anxiety more than four years after receiving the dose

Michelle Obama gana un Grammy, el tercero de la familia

(CNN) — La ex primera dama Michelle Obama ha conseguido su primer premio Grammy por la versión de audiolibro de su libro de memorias “Becoming” (“Mi historia”, en la versión en español). Es el tercer Grammy para el hogar de los Obama. El esposo de Obama ganó por las grabaciones de

The deep electoral roots of the Senate’s impeachment standoff

The virtually lockstep Republican defense of President Donald Trump so far during his impeachment trial marks a new milestone in the Senate’s long-term evolution into a more partisan and regimented institution that demands unwavering party loyalty and punishes the freewheeling independence that characterized the great legislators through the body’s history. That

Polyamorous relationships: When three isn’t a crowd

Revelers in the rainbow-washed crowd smiled and cheered as the little blond girl in the parade float pageant-waved to the B-52’s “Love Shack.” Next to the float, the girl’s father, Billy Holder, handed out fliers to the Atlanta Pride Parade crowd. His wife, Melissa, carried a banner along with Jeremy Mullins,

Casper’s sales are surging but it can’t stop losing money

Mattress startup Casper has big ambitions to become a publicly traded wellness company. The problem is it can’t stop losing money. The company reported Monday sales soared 23% to about $439 million, but it lost about $94 million in the past year. Its loss was about 2% more than its losses

Critican a The Washington Post por suspender a una reportera por tuits sobre Kobe Bryant

Nueva York (CNN Business) — El diario The Washington Post fue criticado el lunes por poner a una de sus reporteras en licencia administrativa después de que ella generara controversia por una serie de tuits publicados a raíz de la muerte de Kobe Bryant. La reportera, Felicia Sonmez, se enfrentó a

Esto es lo que sabemos sobre el Sikorsky S-76B, el helicóptero del accidente de Kobe Bryant

(CNN Business) — El Sikorsky S-76B que se estrelló en Calabasas, California, matando a Kobe Bryant y a otras ocho personas, es un “caballo de batalla” con un fuerte historial de confiabilidad, y estaba equipado para transportar grandes personalidades como la leyenda de Los Angeles Lakers, dicen expertos en aviación. Mientras

En una votación 5-4, la Corte Suprema de EE.UU. permite que la regla que podría remodelar la inmigración legal entre en vigencia

Washington (CNN) — En una votación de 5-4, la Corte Suprema despejó el lunes el camino para que la administración Trump pueda poner dificultades a los inmigrantes de bajos ingresos que buscan ir o intentan permanecer legalmente en Estados Unidos. La llamada regla de la carga pública, presentada en agosto, afecta

Kobe Bryant’s pilot had special permission to fly Sunday morning before crash. Here’s what else we know

Federal investigators are beginning to piece together the moments before a helicopter crashed into a Calabasas, California, hillside Sunday, killing nine people, including NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his teenage daughter. On Monday, the National Transportation Safety Board said that in his last communication with air traffic control, the pilot of

These are some of the athletes who died in aviation accidents before Kobe Bryant

Five-time NBA Championship winner Kobe Bryant was killed in a Southern California helicopter crash Sunday, along with his daughter, Gianna, and seven other people. The group was flying to Thousand Oaks, California, Sunday for a basketball game Gianna was scheduled to play in and Bryant was expected to coach. Bryant, 41,

Jimmy Fallon recalls going on a beer run with Kobe Bryant on the night they met

Jimmy Fallon, the host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” ended his show Monday night with a special tribute to Kobe Bryant, recalling a beer run he made with the fallen NBA legend. Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna, and seven other people were killed when the helicopter they were