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DIGITAL SERVICES extended its winning streak to a third month in July and cemented its position as the number one digital destination for news video.  With 194 million video streams, 19 million unique viewers and 1.3 billion minutes of video consumed for the month, CNN easily secured wins across the board and beat out Yahoo News, Buzzfeed and all competitors in the news and information category.

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CNN understands what it takes to win in the digital space. Let CNN help you fill your platforms with powerful, trusted news content. The CNN Wire is the backbone of, providing text, photos and graphics for the most-consumed news and information website in the U.S., with nearly 1 billion page views to date.

The CNN Video Affiliate Network provides quality, curated video content from CNN and our 900+ trusted local news partners, with the ability to earn advertising revenue. Even better, combine the Wire and VAN to create the most compelling digital experience for your audience.

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The CNN Video Affiliate Network is a powerful digital video syndication network focused exclusively on quality news and lifestyle video from CNN and trusted providers.  Our network combines the scale of CNN, along with our unparalleled footprint of 900+ affiliates, to bring our partners premium reach and advertising revenue for their content.

The VAN is available exclusively for CNN Newsource clients and select distribution partners. VAN affiliates can generate revenue as both owners and publishers of digital video content.  CNN provides the pre-curated, topical and trending videos along with the advertising, technology and publishing infrastructure to make it easy to participate.

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Complement your existing digital offering with powerful, trusted video curated by CNN. VAN videos span multiple categories such as news, entertainment and lifestyle, with the best selections highlighted for easy publishing.

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Our player leads the industry, with responsive design, high-definition video, recommendations, social integration, video galleries and more.

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VAN is exclusively available to CNN Newsource affiliates and select distribution partners. Content is always protected within a premium environment.

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The VAN dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. Discover great content across multiple categories and quickly embed videos into existing articles or publish automated feeds on your section fronts.

The Video Affiliate Network is growing quickly, and as new affiliates join and more video is published, the power of the VAN increases even more. The video available in the VAN comes from our large footprint of news affiliates, in addition to CNN video and select content partners. VAN allows you to customize the video experience for your site to meet your specific needs.

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  • Experimental treatment for peanut allergy increases anaphylaxis risk, study finds
    An experimental treatment for peanut allergy may actually multiply someone's risk for serious allergic reactions -- much like the ones it aims to prevent, according to a new analysis. The paper, published Thursday in the Lancet, found that people taking oral immunotherapy -- microdoses of peanut allergen meant to partly
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 6:30 pm EDT - 25 April
  • New York AG opens investigation into Facebook over email contact collection
    The New York State attorney general has opened an investigation into Facebook's unauthorized collection of 1.5 million users' email contacts. Last week, Facebook acknowledged that it collected up to 1.5 million users' email contacts without their consent. The company said that email contact lists had been "unintentionally" uploaded to Facebook
    Topic: TechnologyPublished at 6:21 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Federal court strikes down several redistricting plans for Michigan
    A panel of federal judges in Michigan on Thursday struck down 27 congressional and state districts as an unconstitutional partisan gerrymander, in a challenge brought by the League of Women Voters of Michigan and several individual voters. The court held the plans violated the plaintiff's 14th Amendment equal protection rights
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 6:16 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Latinoamérica sonríe “como nadie”, aunque el mundo es más miserable, dice Gallup
    (CNN) — No solo eres tú, el mundo realmente se está volviendo más miserable. Las personas de todo el mundo están más tristes, más enojadas y más temerosas que nunca, según un análisis importante del bienestar global. MIRA:  Por qué tu trabajo no puede comprarte la felicidad Las tres emociones subieron
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 6:11 pm EDT - 25 April
  • World’s first malaria vaccine to go to 360,000 African children
    Some 360,000 children a year in three African countries will receive the world's first malaria vaccine as part of a large-scale pilot project, the World Health Organization said Tuesday. Malawi has started vaccinating children under 2 years of age, and Kenya and Ghana will begin using the vaccine in the
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 5:55 pm EDT - 25 April
  • ‘Gotham’ finale leaps into the Dark Knight
    The following contains spoilers about the "Gotham" series finale. "Gotham" was created with a Batman-shaped donut hole at its center -- a Fox drama constructed around the city Bruce Wayne calls home, only years before he became the Dark Knight. So there was something intriguing but forced about the April
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 5:39 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Sri Lanka’s economy is fragile, and it depends on tourism
    A series of deadly attacks could deal a body blow to one of Asia's fragile economies. Bombs ripped through churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, killing at least 250 people and injuring hundreds. Targets included the upmarket Shangri-La hotel in the capital, Colombo. Four days after
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 5:32 pm EDT - 25 April
  • House Democrats seek information on Homeland Security departures, Stephen Miller
    Three powerful Democratic congressmen are seeking more information about the recent departures of multiple senior Department of Homeland Security officials, including Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, as President Donald Trump threatened to shut down parts of the US-Mexico border. The members of Congress wrote acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan on Thursday
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 5:32 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Former Florida officer sentenced to 25 years in shooting death of stranded motorist
    Former Palm Beach Gardens police officer Nouman Raja has been sentenced to 25 years in prison in the 2015 shooting death of a stranded motorist, court records show. Raja was convicted of manslaughter while armed with a firearm and attempted first-degree murder in the death of Corey Jones. He was
    Topic: USAPublished at 5:25 pm EDT - 25 April
  • On ‘Game of Thrones,’ no one is safe. But here’s who is likely to die
    The first season of the original "The Twilight Zone" included "The Purple Testament," a 1960 episode set in the Philippines at the tail end of World War II. In the episode, a US Army lieutenant is able to tell who among his fellow combatants will die next by the brief
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 5:18 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Facebook is cracking down on personality quizzes
    More than a year after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook is cracking down on personality quizzes. Sort of. On Thursday, the company updated its platform policies and said apps with minimal utility, such as personality quizzes, "may not be permitted on the platform." A Facebook spokesperson said that quiz apps
    Topic: TechnologyPublished at 5:12 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Bernie Sanders es el nuevo número 1 en nuestra clasificación demócrata de 2020
    (CNN) — Bernie Sanders ha estado en la contienda para la presidencia durante los últimos cuatro años. A raíz de su derrota (más cerca de Hillary Clinton de lo esperado) en las primarias en 2016, Sanders mantuvo activa su masiva organización de base y se aseguró de que todo el
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 5:07 pm EDT - 25 April
  • This is what we learned from Whitey Bulger’s death certificate
    James "Whitey" Bulger, the notorious and much-feared former Boston mob boss, was killed by blunt force injuries to the head, according to his death certificate, which was made public Thursday. Bulger, 89, was found unresponsive on October 30 at the US Penitentiary Hazelton in West Virginia, one day after being
    Topic: USAPublished at 5:04 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Bill Cosby is fighting a $6.7 million lawyer bill
    Bill Cosby is challenging an arbitration decision that mandated he pay nearly $7 million in fees to a law firm that represented him for nine months in 2015 and 2016, documents show. The final result of the arbitration was filed in January and upheld a $6.7 million bill Quinn Emanuel
    Topic: USAPublished at 4:58 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Trump administration may soon remove transgender health care protections
    The Trump administration may soon introduce proposed regulations that could allow health care providers, hospitals and insurers to discriminate against transgender patients, according to equality advocates. They say officials at the Department of Health and Human Services are rewriting an Obamacare rule that exists to provide protection. The new proposal,
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 4:56 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Tarantino’s extended ‘The Hateful Eight’ isn’t just on Netflix. It’s a miniseries
    Quentin Tarantino fans knew they'd be in for a treat this month, but they weren't expecting this. Netflix told fans back in March it would stream the extended version of the director's "The Hateful Eight" in April. But when viewers went searching for the movie on the online streaming platform,
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 4:54 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Cooper Hefner’s new media venture is “Fifty Shades” meets BuzzFeed
    The late Hugh Hefner's youngest son is getting ready to strike out on his own with the launch of his own media company. The 27-year-old Cooper Hefner recently announced that he's taking on the world of digital media with Hefner Media Corporation -- which will include a website called HefPost
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 4:37 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Danish retail billionaire loses 3 children in Sri Lanka attacks
    Three children of retail billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen were killed in the attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday, according to a spokesperson for his company. The Danish entrepreneur owns clothing company Bestseller, which is the biggest shareholder in British fashion retailer Asos with a stake of over 26%. He also
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 4:25 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Mystery surrounds the source of the Sri Lanka attacks
    It is one of the most lethal terrorist operations since September 11 -- with a death toll of more than 250 people. That number will almost certainly rise, given the hundreds that were also injured in the eight attacks at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka on Sunday. What is
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 4:22 pm EDT - 25 April
  • I lived through Sri Lankan terrorism. Here’s my advice
    I awoke on a seemingly peaceful Easter Sunday. That was until I noticed former host families, friends and colleagues who had been "marked safe during attack in Sri Lanka" on Facebook. I frantically searched the internet and saw the headlines -- nearly 300 dead, more than 500 injured in a
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 4:14 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Amazon posts a record quarterly profit of $3.6 billion
    Amazon's profit machine shows little sign of slowing down. The company said Thursday that it made a record $3.6 billion in profit for the first three months of 2019, more than doubling from $1.6 billion in the year prior. This marks the sixth straight quarter in which Amazon's profits have
    Topic: TechnologyPublished at 4:11 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Daniel Craig’s final outing as James Bond will include Rami Malek as the bad guy
    There's no title yet for Daniel Craig's final outing as James Bond, but fans did learn who'll be joining him for his last ride as the British super spy. Ralph Fiennes, Rory Kinnear, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Lea Seydoux and Jeffrey Wright will all be back for the 25th movie
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 3:57 pm EDT - 25 April
  • The return of Archie Bunker
    Since the 2016 presidential election, images, memes and stories involving the infamous television character Archie Bunker, the notoriously blunt, occasionally racist patriarch of Norman Lear's iconic 1970s show "All in the Family," have been circulating on the internet and across social media. For many, his reappearance indicates a sad state
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 3:50 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Coons says Biden’s record should matter more than his identity
    After Joe Biden announced his 2020 presidential candidacy on Thursday morning, Delaware Democratic Sen. Chris Coons was one of the first members of Congress to offer his endorsement. "We need leaders who will bring us together instead of tearing us apart, who will focus on the real issue facing American
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 3:48 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Federal judge says Coast Guard officer accused of terror attack plot will be released from detention
    A federal judge in Maryland said Thursday that Christopher Hasson, a Coast Guard lieutenant accused of plotting a domestic terror attack, will be released from detention. Hasson had been indicted on weapons and drug charges, but did not face any charges related to terrorism or attempted murder -- a point
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 3:35 pm EDT - 25 April
  • A Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga reunion could be in the works
    Bradley Cooper misses Lady Gaga just as much as "A Star Is Born" fans miss seeing the movie star duo together. Cooper, who starred alongside the pop singer-songwriter in the Oscar-winning movie, admitted Thursday on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that he's interested in a movie reunion. (Yes, that includes Cooper
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 3:33 pm EDT - 25 April
  • 2020 Presidential Candidates Fast Facts
    Here's a look at the 2020 presidential candidates and key dates in their campaigns as well as election results. Republican Candidates Donald Trump - 45th President of the United States. Running for re-election.Primary Campaign Committee - Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.Website - 20, 2017 - The day he
    Topic: USAPublished at 3:28 pm EDT - 25 April
  • He lost two children in the Sri Lanka bombings
    Matt Linsey's face is peppered with minute scars from the shrapnel and debris that hit him, as he recalls the split-second decision he and his two children made to run, rather than hide, just after the first of two bombs went off. "The bomb went off and they both were
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 3:26 pm EDT - 25 April
  • 3M, la compañía que fabrica cinta adhesiva, está recortando 2.000 empleos
    Nueva York (CNN Business) — 3M, la empresa que los papelitos Post-It y la cinta adhesiva, está recortando 2.000 empleos en todo el mundo. El fabricante industrial hizo el anuncio el jueves al reportar que tuvo ventas débiles durante su último trimestre y una oscura perspectiva para el próximo año.
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 3:21 pm EDT - 25 April
  • Joe Biden and Anita Hill have spoken, Biden campaign official says
    Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden has spoken with Anita Hill, an aide to his campaign told CNN's Brianna Keilar Thursday. Biden oversaw then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearings, where Hill testified that Thomas had sexually harassed her. Biden has faced criticism for years over his
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 3:21 pm EDT - 25 April