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DIGITAL SERVICES extended its winning streak to a third month in July and cemented its position as the number one digital destination for news video.  With 194 million video streams, 19 million unique viewers and 1.3 billion minutes of video consumed for the month, CNN easily secured wins across the board and beat out Yahoo News, Buzzfeed and all competitors in the news and information category.

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CNN understands what it takes to win in the digital space. Let CNN help you fill your platforms with powerful, trusted news content. The CNN Wire is the backbone of, providing text, photos and graphics for the most-consumed news and information website in the U.S., with nearly 1 billion page views to date.

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The CNN Video Affiliate Network is a powerful digital video syndication network focused exclusively on quality news and lifestyle video from CNN and trusted providers.  Our network combines the scale of CNN, along with our unparalleled footprint of 900+ affiliates, to bring our partners premium reach and advertising revenue for their content.

The VAN is available exclusively for CNN Newsource clients and select distribution partners. VAN affiliates can generate revenue as both owners and publishers of digital video content.  CNN provides the pre-curated, topical and trending videos along with the advertising, technology and publishing infrastructure to make it easy to participate.

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Complement your existing digital offering with powerful, trusted video curated by CNN. VAN videos span multiple categories such as news, entertainment and lifestyle, with the best selections highlighted for easy publishing.

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Our player leads the industry, with responsive design, high-definition video, recommendations, social integration, video galleries and more.

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VAN is exclusively available to CNN Newsource affiliates and select distribution partners. Content is always protected within a premium environment.

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The VAN dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. Discover great content across multiple categories and quickly embed videos into existing articles or publish automated feeds on your section fronts.

The Video Affiliate Network is growing quickly, and as new affiliates join and more video is published, the power of the VAN increases even more. The video available in the VAN comes from our large footprint of news affiliates, in addition to CNN video and select content partners. VAN allows you to customize the video experience for your site to meet your specific needs.

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  • USOC, USA Gymnastics officials enabled Nassar’s abuse of athletes, investigation reveals
    An independent investigation reveals numerous institutions and individuals enabled former USA Gymnastics physician Larry Nassar's abuse of young athletes, including Michigan State University, the US Olympic Committee and multiple law enforcement agencies. The law firm Ropes & Gray published the 233-page report on Monday that draws upon more than 100
    Topic: USAPublished at 5:27 pm EST - 10 December
  • US sanctions North Korea on human rights as Trump floats second summit
    The Trump administration slapped sanctions on three North Koreans Monday in response to Pyongyang's ongoing human rights abuses and censorship. The sanctions announcement comes as President Donald Trump floats the idea of a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. And it immediately follows a failed US attempt
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 5:07 pm EST - 10 December
  • Increased breast cancer risk might last decades after childbirth, study says
    Compared with women who have never had children, women who have given birth may have an increased breast cancer risk that continues for up to 23 years after their most recent birth, according to a new study published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine on Monday. "What we saw
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 5:00 pm EST - 10 December
  • Mom issues tearful plea for return of stolen therapy dog
    Sunday was a long day for Kathryn Coogan, who drove around the Highland neighborhood looking for Rubble, her 4-year old son's therapy dog. Rubble was apparently stolen Saturday night. The Wheat Ridge mom had taken the 9-month old Plott Hound mix to a restaurant/bar on the 2200 block of West
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 4:43 pm EST - 10 December
  • ‘Hero’ passenger helps woman suffering from seizures aboard Cincinnati-bound flight
    A Mason woman said a "hero" tended to another woman who was suffering from seizures during a flight from Houston to Cincinnati Sunday, and she wants to know why the pilot didn't land so the woman could get medical attention. Amy Hammond said a woman two rows in front of
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 4:33 pm EST - 10 December
  • Back at the drawing board, Trump weighs pros and cons for a new chief of staff
    President Donald Trump has three weeks to find a new chief of staff -- but few seem to want the job. The White House went back to the drawing board Monday after the leading candidate for the position, Nick Ayers, announced he will not be taking the job, reviving discussions
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 4:32 pm EST - 10 December
  • California teacher faces charges after forcibly cutting a student’s hair while singing anthem
    A California high school teacher has lost her job and is facing multiple criminal charges after cellphone video emerged showing her forcibly cutting a student's hair while belting out an incorrect rendition of the National Anthem. Margaret Gieszinger, 52, who was teaching at University Preparatory High School in Visalia, faces
    Topic: USAPublished at 4:23 pm EST - 10 December
  • Nazi-themed posters found in various location around SUNY school
    Nazi-themed posters were found in various locations around the State University of New York's Purchase College on Sunday, the school said in a statement Monday. Members of the University Police have identified a suspect they believe to be responsible, Dennis Craig, Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management, said
    Topic: USAPublished at 4:22 pm EST - 10 December
  • The Spice Girls’ Mel B shows off her hand injury
    Melanie "Mel B" Brown is recovering from an accident she says left her with two broken ribs and a hand injury that required surgery. Brown, a member of the Spice Girls, did not specify the details of her accident but said she had to undergo a three-hour surgery to repair
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 4:21 pm EST - 10 December
  • Dow stages huge comeback after briefly plunging below 24,000
    The erratic stock market staged a dramatic recovery on Monday from yet another plunge. The Dow closed 34 points higher, recovering from a 500-point slide that briefly knocked the index below 24,000 for the first time since late June. The S&P 500 gained 0.2%, while the Nasdaq jumped 0.7%. Apple
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 4:17 pm EST - 10 December
  • 10,400 Verizon workers quit their jobs. That’s a good sign for the economy
    A lot of people want to quit their jobs at Verizon, and that's a really good sign for the economy. In a drive to cut costs and shift investments as it rolls out 5G service, the company announced on Monday that 10,400 management employees had accepted voluntary buyout deals, out
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 4:00 pm EST - 10 December
  • VIDEO: Elderly woman nearly run over after purse snatched at McDonald’s
    Video shows a woman being severely injured after she pursued a man who snatched her purse at a McDonald's restaurant in Okeechobee. The incident happened Thursday at about 8:32 p.m. in the 400 block of NE Park St. Police said the suspect entered the restaurant, approached the booth the elderly
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 3:44 pm EST - 10 December
  • Macron promises minimum wage hike in response to violent protests in France
    French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday that the minimum wage will be raised and that new taxes on pensions would be scrapped as he responded to weeks of violent protests which have challenged his leadership. In a televised address to the nation, Macron said the violent protests -- which have
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 3:36 pm EST - 10 December
  • Google says Google+ bug affected 52.5 million people
    Google will shut down its Google+ social network much sooner than planned after discovering a second bug that revealed millions of customers' private information to software developers. In a blog post, the company said 52.5 million people were affected by a bug in a November software update. The latest bug
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 3:32 pm EST - 10 December
  • Couple donates everything in home to Camp Fire firefighters
    A Gilroy couple is moving out of California with very little, choosing to donate their home furnishings, appliances and other essentials to firefighters who lost their homes in the Camp Fire. Kim Ringeisen has 15 years of search and rescue experience and helped in the town of Paradise for more
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 3:28 pm EST - 10 December
  • Police: $5,000 Worth Of Wine Stolen From Liquor Store Over 3 Weeks
    Just under $5,000 worth of wine has been stolen from the Northbound Hooksett Rest Area Liquor Store over the course of three weeks, New Hampshire State Police say. Between Nov. 18 and Dec. 8, multiple bottles of wine have been stolen. Photos of a woman who is a "person of
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 3:24 pm EST - 10 December
  • Glory days are over for tech stocks
    Earlier this year, tech stocks were on fire. Now many are struggling, and their prospects don't seem to be getting any better. Tech has been rattled by the escalating trade war between the United States and China. Relations between the two countries could turn even more sour after Chinese tech
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 3:21 pm EST - 10 December
  • Obama pushes Obamacare enrollment as deadline looms
    Hoping to push more people to sign up for Obamacare amid lagging enrollment, former President Barack Obama urged Americans Monday to check out before the December 15 deadline. Obama posted a nearly 90-second video to his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts reminding folks to get coverage. The playful message
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 3:21 pm EST - 10 December
  • In 200 years, humans reversed a climate trend lasting 50 million years, study says
    What do scientists see when comparing our future climate with the past? In less than 200 years, humans have reversed a multimillion-year cooling trend, new research suggests. If global warming continues unchecked, Earth in 2030 could resemble its former self from 3 million years ago, according to a study published
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 3:19 pm EST - 10 December
  • Water found on asteroid by OSIRIS-REx explorer
    NASA's first asteroid sample return mission, OSIRIS-REx, reached the asteroid Bennu only a week ago, but it's already learning more about this time capsule from the early solar system. OSIRIS-REx, which stands for Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer, has found water within the clays on Bennu. Bennu was
    Topic: USAPublished at 3:16 pm EST - 10 December
  • What else Congress needs to do by the end of the year
    As Congress faces a December 21 deadline to avert a partial government shutdown, it must also clear a stack of other must-pass bills that affect millions of people and major sections of the economy. The lame-duck session is winnowing down with the holidays quickly approaching and the next session of
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 3:03 pm EST - 10 December
  • Climate change is not only influencing extreme weather events, it’s causing them
    Extreme weather events that spanned the globe in 2017 have been directly linked to -- and in some cases were even caused by -- continued warming of the planet via human influence through greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new report. For the second year in a row, the annual
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 3:01 pm EST - 10 December
  • Dow briefly plunges below 24,000 before staging a huge comeback
    Stocks turned positive Monday afternoon, recovering from another 500-point slide by the Dow. The Nasdaq was up nearly 1%, while the Dow and S&P 500 were flat. Apple led the turnaround. The iPhone maker erased a selloff caused by a Chinese court deciding to ban sales of most iPhone models
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 2:58 pm EST - 10 December
  • 5 children killed in house fire
    Five children are dead following a fire Sunday at a home on Youngstown's south side. The fire broke out around 11:30 p.m. at a home in the 400 block of Parkcliffe Avenue. Five children died- two died inside the house and three died at the hospital- ABC affiliate WYTV confirmed
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 2:58 pm EST - 10 December
  • Chocolate queen says quitting smoking helped her open sweet shop
    Michelle Palisi says she built her business with "cigarette money." The New Port Richey owner of Chocolates by Michelle runs one of the busiest sweet shops in all of Tampa Bay, especially around the holidays. And she owes it all to kicking a four-pack-a-day cig habit back in the '80s.
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 2:56 pm EST - 10 December
  • Man held without bail in 13-year-old Hania Aguilar’s killing
    The man charged with killing 13-year-old Hania Aguilar made his first court appearance Monday, the Robeson County, North Carolina district attorney said. Michael Ray McLellan also appeared on an unrelated 2016 rape case linked to him because of the investigation into Hania's disappearance, District Attorney Luther Johnson Britt said. He
    Topic: USAPublished at 2:50 pm EST - 10 December
  • Trump’s biggest Mueller problem isn’t Russia. At least not yet.
    Special counsel Robert Mueller has begun quietly laying his cards down, one at a time, in court filings for three key former associates of President Donald Trump -- his former campaign chairman, his former fixer and lawyer and his former top national security adviser. The steady dripping of developments into
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 2:49 pm EST - 10 December
  • Trumps biggest Mueller problem isn’t Russia. At least not yet.
    Special counsel Robert Mueller has begun quietly laying his cards down, one at a time, in court filings for three key former associates of President Donald Trump -- his former campaign chairman, his former fixer and lawyer and his former top national security adviser. The steady dripping of developments into
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 2:40 pm EST - 10 December
  • US undermining ‘last chance’ climate talks, experts charge
    The American delegation came to promote coal. And the kids laughed in their faces. That was the bizarre and symbolic scene that unfolded Monday at the UN COP24 climate talks at a spaceship-shaped conference center in Polish coal country. The nations of the world are meeting here to hash out
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 2:40 pm EST - 10 December
  • Record number of cases of polio-like illness AFM in US this year
    With 24 newly confirmed cases of the polio-like illness acute flaccid myelitis announced Monday, 2018 has become a record year for the illness. In its weekly update on cases of the illness, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there have been 158 confirmed cases in 36 states
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 2:37 pm EST - 10 December