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The CNN Video Affiliate Network is a powerful digital video syndication network focused exclusively on quality news and lifestyle video from CNN and trusted providers.  Our network combines the scale of CNN, along with our unparalleled footprint of 900+ affiliates, to bring our partners premium reach and advertising revenue for their content.

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  • VX nerve agent used to kill Kim Jong Nam, police say
    <p>The chemical substance used to kill Kim Jong Nam was a VX nerve agent, an internationally-banned chemical weapon that can kill within minutes, according to a preliminary report by the Chemistry Department of Malaysia.</p><p>Malaysian police said in a statement Friday that tests on Kim's eyes and face revealed the presence
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 12:42 am EST - 24 February
  • Abogado de Trump presionó por acuerdo a favor de Rusia en conflicto con Ucrania, afirma un legislador
    <p>Kiev, Ucrania (CNN) – El escenario fue un restaurante de Manhattan (Nueva York) y tras 25 minutos lo que supuestamente surgió fue un plan de paz con Ucrania a favor de Rusia. Y se cree que su autor pudo haber terminado en la Casa Blanca.</p><p>Durante una entrevista con CNN, el legislador
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 12:33 am EST - 24 February
  • ICE disputes sanctuary city’s accusation of ‘betrayal’
    <p>Officials in the sanctuary city of Santa Cruz, California, are angry over reports that during a series of joint raids that netted suspected gang members, ICE also detained people because of their immigration status.</p><p>Santa Cruz police said they only participated in the raids after being assured by senior officials with
    Topic: USAPublished at 12:29 am EST - 24 February
  • FBI refused White House request to knock down recent Trump-Russia stories
    <p>The FBI rejected a recent White House request to publicly knock down media reports about communications between Donald Trump's associates and Russians known to US intelligence during the 2016 presidential campaign, multiple US officials briefed on the matter tell CNN.</p><p>But a White House official said late Thursday that the request
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 12:19 am EST - 24 February
  • What is VX nerve agent?
    <p>Malaysian police have revealed the substance that killed Kim Jong Nam was a highly toxic nerve agent more commonly used in warfare.</p><p>VX nerve gas was first developed in the UK in the 1950s as a deadly chemical warfare agent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).</p><p>Experts say
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 12:03 am EST - 24 February
  • 25% of all overdoses are from heroin
    <p>America's opioid epidemic continues: The latest numbers from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, released Friday, show that one in four drug overdoses in 2015 was related to heroin. In 1999, just 6% of all overdoses were related to the drug. </p><p>When looking at overdoses overall, opioid-related deaths represented
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 12:02 am EST - 24 February
  • Glenn Beck: Bannon’s ‘economic nationalism’ agenda is not conservative, it’s dangerous
    <p>Nationally syndicated radio host Glenn Beck said Thursday that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon's "economic nationalism" agenda is not conservative.</p><p>Bannon, in a rare public appearance, outlined President Donald Trump's agenda at the Conservative Political Action Conference.</p><p>"He talked about populism and nationalism a lot," Beck told Anderson Cooper on "AC360."
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 11:48 pm EST - 23 February
  • ‘Nashville’ strikes a sad chord with heartbreaking episode
    <p><strong>Warning: This story contains major spoilers about the latest episode of CMT's "Nashville." </strong></p><p>Connie Britton has taken her final bow on "Nashville."</p><p>The actress was killed off the show in Thursday's episode, bringing an end to the story of country star Rayna James, a role she has played for five seasons.
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 11:20 pm EST - 23 February
  • Tech criticizes Trump on transgender reversal
    <p>There's a new war of words brewing between the tech industry and President Trump. </p><p>Apple, Microsoft, Salesforce and Google and other tech companies are speaking out against the Trump administration's decision this week to withdraw Obama-era protections for transgender students in public schools. </p><p>Many of these tech companies also pushed
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 11:19 pm EST - 23 February
  • ¿Qué es la “muerte cruzada” con la que amenaza Rafael Correa si gana Lasso?
    <p>(CNN Español) -- El Consejo Nacional Electoral de Ecuador anunció, después de tres días de incertidumbre, que habrá segunda vuelta en la elección presidencial. El abanderado oficialista por el partido Alianza País, Lenín Moreno, y el candidato opositor del partido CREO, Guillermo Lasso, se verán las caras el próximo domingo 2
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 11:06 pm EST - 23 February
  • San Jose in recovery mode after flooding
    <p>As the city of San Jose, California, continued to dry out, officials gave the green light Thursday for a number of residents to return home after major flooding this week. </p><p>An earlier mandatory evacuation that included 14,000 residents near a creek that appeared to have breached now only covers about
    Topic: USAPublished at 10:58 pm EST - 23 February
  • Cheesemaker Sargento cuts supplier after product recall
    <p>Sargento Foods Inc. has ended its relationship with a supplier over potential listeria contamination of its cheeses. </p><p>The company, one of the largest cheesemakers in the United States, recalled several of its products on February 10 over the fears. The recall was expanded on February 17.</p><p>"Out of concern for the
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 9:21 pm EST - 23 February
  • Bannon rips ‘corporatist, globalist media’ at CPAC
    <p>White House strategist Steve Bannon's hostility toward the press was on full display at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday, repeatedly referring to the news media as "the opposition party."</p><p>"They're corporatist, globalist media that are adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda," Bannon said on stage at the Gaylord
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 8:30 pm EST - 23 February
  • VX nerve agent used to kill Kim Jong Nam, police say
    <p>(CNN) -- The chemical substance used to kill Kim Jong Nam was VX nerve agent, according to a preliminary report by the Chemistry Department of Malaysia, Malaysian police said in a statement Friday. Kim, the half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, died February 13.</p>
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 8:01 pm EST - 23 February
  • What Trump administration doesn’t get about bathroom access
    <p>The Trump administration's decision to repeal guidelines put in place by the Obama administration concerning transgender students' bathroom access both misunderstands the gravity of the civil rights issues at stake for transgender youth (as well as transgender school staff and visitors) and underestimates how easy the so-called transgender bathroom problem
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 6:24 pm EST - 23 February
  • Truck collides with school bus, sending 3 to hospital
    Students are now recovering after their bus is hit head-on by a pick-up truck. Investigators say the truck crossed the center line of a rural road. It happened right in front of Sidney Junior-Senior High School this morning. This happened 50 miles east of Omaha. It was not the way
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 6:02 pm EST - 23 February
  • Democrats, why not give Mayor Pete a chance for DNC chairman?
    <p>Debates rarely change the course of history. Instead they cement what viewers already think about a candidate's strengths or weaknesses. </p><p>I came away from the CNN debate among candidates for the Democratic National Committee chairmanship Wednesday night even more certain that Democrats heading to Atlanta to vote this weekend should
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 6:02 pm EST - 23 February
  • Man Arrested After Threatening to Kill Protester Outside Ventura Planned Parenthood With Knife: Police
    A 30-year-old man was arrested Wednesday after threatening to kill a protester outside a Ventura Planned Parenthood, police said. The incident was reported about 8:40 a.m. at the facility in the 5400 block of Ralston Street, according to the Ventura Police Department. Brandon Beechum was accompanying a “female companion” to
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 5:23 pm EST - 23 February
  • URGENT – DOJ walks back guidance discouraging use of private prisons
    <p>(CNN) -- The Department of Justice has rescinded guidance from August that discouraged the use of private prisons. "This will restore (the Bureau of Prison's) flexibility to manage the federal prison inmate population based on capacity needs," the Justice Department said in a statement. In August, then-deputy Attorney General Sally
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 5:19 pm EST - 23 February
  • Sinead O’Connor retracts Arsenio Hall drug comments
    <p>Sinead O'Connor has apologized for saying Arsenio Hall supplied the late singer Prince with drugs.</p><p>The singer and the comedian released a joint statement to CNN on Thursday.</p><p>"Arsenio Hall and Sinead O'Connor announce that Sinead has retracted and apologized for statements she made about Arsenio last year, which prompted his defamation
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 2:41 pm EST - 23 February
  • URGENT – DOJ withdraws federal protections on transgender bathrooms in schools
    <p>(CNN) -- The Trump administration on Wednesday night withdrew Obama-era guidance on transgender bathroom use in public schools. Last May, under the Obama administration, the departments of Justice and Education told public school districts and colleges that receive federal funding that it interprets "sex discrimination" under Title IX, a federal
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 7:24 pm EST - 22 February
  • URGENT – Astronomers discover 7 Earth-like planets orbiting nearby star
    <p>(CNN) -- Astronomers have found at least seven Earth-like planets orbiting the same star 40 light-years away, NASA announced at news conference Wednesday. This discovery outside of our solar system is rare because the planets have the winning combination of being similar in size to Earth and temperate, meaning they
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 1:00 pm EST - 22 February
  • URGENT – North Korea presses for release of suspects in Kim Jong Nam case
    <p>(CNN) -- The North Korean embassy in Malaysia is calling for the release of three suspects detained in connection with the death of Kim Jong Nam. A statement from the embassy repeated earlier accusations that Malaysia is biased in favor of South Korea, and said that the Malaysian investigation is
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 3:29 am EST - 22 February
  • Kim Jong Nam: More North Koreans being sought over death; attempted break-in at morturary
    <p>(CNN) -- Malaysian authorities want to speak with a North Korean embassy worker and airline employee as part of their investigation into the murder of Kim Jong Nam, according to Malaysia's Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar. However, in a news conference Wednesday, Bakar said North Korean authorities were not cooperating.
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 10:51 pm EST - 21 February
  • Meet the man working with NASA to 3D print a colony on Mars
    <p>Forget the moon. The next giant leap for mankind could be building a habitat on Mars.</p><p>The fourth planet from the sun may be cold -- Martian winters can reach -190 degrees Fahrenheit (-87 degrees Celsius) -- full of deserts and lacking in oxygen, but for Behrokh Khoshnevis it's humans' next
    Topic: TechnologyPublished at 8:05 pm EST - 21 February
  • Update: 11 more bomb threats target Jewish Community Centers. Ivanka Trump responds
    <p>Samantha Taylor was at Orlando's Jewish Community Center for a morning meeting when she heard reports of a bomb threat crackle from the director's walkie-talkie. </p><p>Her daughter attends preschool there; she ran to the classroom and evacuated with the students and teachers. </p><p>While police and bomb-sniffing dogs searched the building
    Topic: FeaturePublished at 8:12 am EST - 21 February
  • URGENT – Trump picks Gen. H.R. McMaster as new national security adviser
    <p>(CNN) President Donald Trump has announced Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as the new national security adviser, and Gen. Keith Kellogg remains the National Security Council chief of staff. The President made the announcement at his Mar-a-Lago resort.</p>
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 3:08 pm EST - 20 February
  • URGENT – Russia UN ambassador Vitaly Churkin dead
    <p>(CNN) -- The Russian ambassador to the United Nations, Vitaly Ivanovich Churkin, died in New York on Monday the Russian Foreign Ministry said. He was 64 and died one day before his 65th birthday. "The outstanding Russian diplomat died while he was in his current working role," the Foreign Ministry
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 12:32 pm EST - 20 February
  • Brooklyn’s coolest hotels and hottest hangouts
    <p>Never mind the image of the stereotypical hipster with a waxed handlebar mustache riding a vintage fixed-gear bicycle in Brooklyn. </p><p>While they still exist at the Mast Brothers chocolate factory at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, what's currently popping up alongside this New York borough's artisanal cocktail lounges and trendy restaurants
    Topic: TravelPublished at 9:59 am EST - 20 February
  • URGENT – SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch
    <p>(CNN) -- The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket successfully launched at 9:39 a.m. ET Sunday from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The rocket is carrying the Dragon cargo ship to the International Space Station. </p>
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 9:56 am EST - 19 February