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Video is expected to account for 79% of all consumer Internet traffic in 2018*. Have you optimized your digital platforms and content strategy to give your audience what they want, when they want it?

DIGITAL SERVICES extended its winning streak to a third month in July and cemented its position as the number one digital destination for news video.  With 194 million video streams, 19 million unique viewers and 1.3 billion minutes of video consumed for the month, CNN easily secured wins across the board and beat out Yahoo News, Buzzfeed and all competitors in the news and information category.

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CNN understands what it takes to win in the digital space. Let CNN help you fill your platforms with powerful, trusted news content. The CNN Wire is the backbone of, providing text, photos and graphics for the most-consumed news and information website in the U.S., with nearly 1 billion page views to date.

The CNN Video Affiliate Network provides quality, curated video content from CNN and our 900+ trusted local news partners, with the ability to earn advertising revenue. Even better, combine the Wire and VAN to create the most compelling digital experience for your audience.

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The CNN Video Affiliate Network is a powerful digital video syndication network focused exclusively on quality news and lifestyle video from CNN and trusted providers.  Our network combines the scale of CNN, along with our unparalleled footprint of 900+ affiliates, to bring our partners premium reach and advertising revenue for their content.

The VAN is available exclusively for CNN Newsource clients and select distribution partners. VAN affiliates can generate revenue as both owners and publishers of digital video content.  CNN provides the pre-curated, topical and trending videos along with the advertising, technology and publishing infrastructure to make it easy to participate.

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Monetize more of your video assets through our premium content network, earning money as both a content owner and publisher, while filling your digital platforms with compelling content.

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Complement your existing digital offering with powerful, trusted video curated by CNN. VAN videos span multiple categories such as news, entertainment and lifestyle, with the best selections highlighted for easy publishing.

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Our player leads the industry, with responsive design, high-definition video, recommendations, social integration, video galleries and more.

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VAN is exclusively available to CNN Newsource affiliates and select distribution partners. Content is always protected within a premium environment.

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The VAN dashboard is intuitive and easy to use. Discover great content across multiple categories and quickly embed videos into existing articles or publish automated feeds on your section fronts.

The Video Affiliate Network is growing quickly, and as new affiliates join and more video is published, the power of the VAN increases even more. The video available in the VAN comes from our large footprint of news affiliates, in addition to CNN video and select content partners. VAN allows you to customize the video experience for your site to meet your specific needs.

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  • Val Kilmer excited for ‘Top Gun 2’
    <p>The "Top Gun 2" momentum is speeding up.</p><p>In the wake of Tom Cruise telling an Australian morning show that the sequel is definitely happening, co-star Val Kilmer has come out to say he too feels the need for speed.</p><p>"Friends said it's official - #TOPGUN2 was announced today," Kilmer wrote in
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 9:58 am EDT - 25 May
  • Manchester attack: UK halts sharing bombing intel with US
    <p>Britain has suspended intelligence sharing on the Manchester bombing with the US after American officials leaked information to the media, an issue that British Prime Minister Theresa May will raise with US President Donald Trump later Thursday.</p><p>US officials released the suspected bomber's name and other details of the investigation into
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 9:55 am EDT - 25 May
  • 1 day, 2 presidents: Merkel meets with Obama, then Trump
    <p>There's no secret about which of the two American presidents German Chancellor Angela Merkel is meeting Thursday that she likes the most.</p><p>On a day of odd political coincidences, Merkel sat down with one President she calls a friend and with whom she shares a political wavelength -- Barack Obama, and
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 9:53 am EDT - 25 May
  • This heartwarming photo captures ‘the spirit of Manchester’
    <p>Cliched as the phrase may be, a picture is most definitely worth a thousand words. </p><p>After the terror attack that shook Manchester, residents rallied - determined, unbowed and united. </p><p>And this photo, which Manchester native Natalie Thornley snapped, captured that spirit so well. </p><p>Thornley says she was attending a vigil
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 9:43 am EDT - 25 May
  • How US intelligence leaks upset two allies in one week
    <p>With multiple high-profile intelligence leaks in recent weeks, the US has now managed to upset two of its closest allies by allowing the disclosure of sensitive information -- a trend that is raising concerns around potentially jeopardizing the trust of key information-sharing partners.</p><p>Just days after President Donald Trump was reported
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 9:41 am EDT - 25 May
  • Val Kilmer excited for ‘Top Gun 2’
    <p>The "Top Gun 2" momentum is speeding up.</p><p>In the wake of Tom Cruise confirming to an Australian morning show that the sequel is happening, co-star Val Kilmer has come out to say he too feels the need for speed.</p><p>"Friends said it's official - #TOPGUN2 was announced today," Kilmer wrote in
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 9:37 am EDT - 25 May
  • Google’s AI just beat the world’s best Go player
    <p>A near perfect opening wasn't enough for man to beat machine.</p><p>A computer system that Google engineers trained to play the game Go beat the world's best human player Thursday in China. The victory was AlphaGo's second this week over Chinese professional Ke Jie, clinching the best-of-three series at the Future
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 9:28 am EDT - 25 May
  • Girls Who Code founder: Brown girls can do ‘white guy things’
    <p>White men do not have a monopoly on good ideas, says Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani.</p><p>In a commencement speech at Harvard Graduate School of Education on Wednesday, Saujani remarked that while white men may have led the past major revolutionary moments of U.S. history, the tide needs to start
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 9:24 am EDT - 25 May
  • A Bermuda triangle: Where to eat, stay and play
    <p>The 35th America's Cup sailing competition begins on May 26 and runs through June 27, and it's Bermuda's moment in the sun, though Bermuda is almost always sunny. One step on this island, and it's impossible not to be moved by its beauty, history, simplicity and charm. </p><p>Bermuda is a
    Topic: TravelPublished at 9:15 am EDT - 25 May
  • EXCLUSIVA: El avión siniestrado del Chapecoense tenía el seguro suspendido y no podía volar a Colombia
    <p>(CNN Español) - El accidente de la aeronave de la compañía Lamia, de bandera boliviana, en el que perdieron la vida 71 personas, sigue planteando interrogantes que hasta ahora nadie ha querido responder con claridad.</p><p>Como muestran los documentos a los que CNN ha tenido acceso en exclusiva, la póliza de
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 9:07 am EDT - 25 May
  • Ellos son los extranjeros que más violan el permiso de estancia en EE.UU.
    <p>(CNN Español) - ¿Son los mexicanos los extranjeros que más se quedan en EE.UU. tras vencer su permiso de estancia? Sí en porcentaje, pero no en números absolutos.</p><p>Te lo explicamos a continuación.</p><p>El último Reporte de Excedencia de Entrada/Salida del Departamento de Seguridad Nacional (DHS, por sus siglas en inglés) para el año fiscal
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 7:33 am EDT - 25 May
  • 5 things for Thursday, May 25: Manchester attack, Russia, Trump, Montana
    <p>Manchester's beloved soccer team, Manchester United, won a league title. It was an emotional, bittersweet victory. Here's what else you need to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door. You can also get "5 Things You Need to Know Today" delivered to your inbox daily. Sign up here.</p><p></p><p><strong>1. Concert attack</strong></p><p>Police
    Topic: USAPublished at 6:02 am EDT - 25 May
  • Landslide piles onto California’s infrastructure woes
    <p>It's been a brutal year so far for California's infrastructure. </p><p>Swinging from a five-year drought to massive rainfall has pummeled the state's structures and roads. Damage to the state highway system is estimated to exceed $1 billion, according to the California Department of Transportation's estimates. </p><p>Here's what lies in ruins:
    Topic: USAPublished at 4:30 am EDT - 25 May
  • Want more affection in your relationship? Have more sex
    <p>Want to have a more affectionate relationship with your life partner? Carve out time to have more sex. That's the takeaway of a series of four studies of committed couples in both the United States and Switzerland.</p><p>"Sex makes you feel good, not just because it releases more hormones or endorphins
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 3:46 am EDT - 25 May
  • Deputy, EMTs exposed to opioids get medical treatment
    <p>A Maryland sheriff's deputy and two emergency medical technicians received treatment for possible heroin and fentanyl exposure after responding to a drug overdose.</p><p>About 11 p.m. Friday, a Harford County sheriff's deputy got sick as he and EMTs attempted to revive a person who had overdosed on a mixture of heroin
    Topic: MedicalPublished at 9:41 pm EDT - 24 May
  • What NATO needs to hear from Trump
    <p>Richard Nixon has loomed large over Donald Trump's administration in recent weeks. But one commonality between the two US Presidents has gone overlooked. With his visit to Brussels, Trump will follow Nixon in using his first trip abroad to address the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. </p><p>Nixon, like Trump, had spoken
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 7:07 pm EDT - 24 May
  • Arson displaces 8 people at West Palm Beach apartment complex
    Eight people, including two children, were displaced early Wednesday morning by a fire that police said was intentionally set at a West Palm Beach apartment complex. The fire occurred at 2:27 a.m. at the Caribbean Villas apartments located at 5865 Caribbean Blvd., near the corner of 45th Street and Haverhill
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 7:00 pm EDT - 24 May
  • After surviving vicious attack, woman discovers ex was living in her attic
    A woman who narrowly escaped after her ex-boyfriend attacked her with a knife was in for another shock – her ex had been living in her attic and stalking her. The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office is looking 21-year-old Taylor Broussard, a fugitive who now faces nine active warrants for several
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 6:48 pm EDT - 24 May
  • URGENT – Bill Cosby Jury Selected
    <p>(CNN) -- A jury was selected Wednesday for the trial of comedian Bill Cosby. The jury is composed of four white women, six white men, one black woman and one black man, and the alternates include four white men, one black woman and one black man. His trial on three
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 6:15 pm EDT - 24 May
  • What signal is Melania sending?
    <p>They are the flick and the grab viewed 'round the world. </p><p>Arriving in Rome, on his way to visit the Holy Father, of all people, President Donald Trump stood at the door of Air Force One and reached for first lady Melania Trump's hand. She avoided his grasp, reaching up
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 6:14 pm EDT - 24 May
  • URGENT – Manchester bombing arrest
    <p>(CNN) -- A woman has been arrested during a raid on a block of flats in Blackley in connection with the Manchester Arena suicide bombing, the UK Press Association reported Wednesday, citing Greater Manchester Police.</p>
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 4:25 pm EDT - 24 May
  • URGENT – Jakarta Indonesia explosion
    <p>(CNN) -- A suspected suicide bombing rocked the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Wednesday, police said. The blast took place at a bus station in eastern Jakarta. It was not immediately clear how many people may have been wounded. </p>
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 12:55 pm EDT - 24 May
  • Cannes day trips: The island retreats of Îles de Lérins
    <p>Cannes may not spring to mind when seeking a restorative retreat, walks among ancient forests or a spot of bird-watching. </p><p>But a 15-minute ferry ride from the splashy Riviera resort drops you at the tranquil Îles de Lérins, twin emerald islands where all the pleasures of the great outdoors await.</p><p>Along
    Topic: TravelPublished at 10:50 am EDT - 24 May
  • URGENT – “007” actor Sir Roger Moore dies at 89, family says
    <p>Sir Roger Moore, the actor famed for portraying James Bond in seven "007" films between 1973 and 1985, has died after a battle with cancer, according to his family. He was 89.</p>
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 9:27 am EDT - 23 May
  • Unidentified object flies from North Korea over border with South
    <p>(CNN) -- South Korea's military fired warning shots after it spotted an unidentified object flying from North Korea across their shared border, according to the South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff. It comes two days after Pyongyang test-fired a ballistic missile -- the second test in the span of one
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 5:07 am EDT - 23 May
  • URGENT – Manchester Arena death toll reaches 22
    <p>(CNN) -- The death toll from an explosion outside an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena, has risen to 22, Ian Hopkins, Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police says. The attacker, who police believe was a suicide bomber, also died in the attack. </p>
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 2:07 am EDT - 23 May
  • URGENT – 19 dead in Manchester Arena incident, police say
    <p>(CNN) -- Nineteen people are confirmed dead and around 50 are injured after incident at arena, Manchester police say.</p>
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 8:15 pm EDT - 22 May
  • URGENT – British police say fatalities at Manchester Arena
    <p>(CNN) -- There are fatalities following an incident at Manchester Arena in England on Monday, according to local police. In a Facebook post, Greater Manchester Police released the following statement: "Emergency services are currently responding to reports of an explosion at Manchester Arena. There are a number of confirmed fatalities
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 6:59 pm EDT - 22 May
  • URGENT – North Korea fires unidentified projectile
    <p>(CNN) -- North Korea fired an unidentified projectile from areas near Pukchang in North Korea, according to a press release by South Korean military's Joint Chiefs of Staff. </p>
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 4:46 am EDT - 21 May
  • URGENT – Cloud Computing finishes first at Preakness, dashes Always Dreaming’s Triple Crown hopes
    <p>(CNN) -- Cloud Computing, ridden by Javier Castellano, finished first in the Preakness Stakes on Saturday, denying Kentucky Derby winner Always Dreaming a chance to capture horse racing's Triple Crown. Classic Empire crossed the finish line second at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore. Always Dreaming, which led much of the
    Topic: BulletinPublished at 6:56 pm EDT - 20 May