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The CNN Video Affiliate Network is a powerful digital video syndication network focused exclusively on quality news and lifestyle video from CNN and trusted providers.  Our network combines the scale of CNN, along with our unparalleled footprint of 900+ affiliates, to bring our partners premium reach and advertising revenue for their content.

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  • Jewish leaders outraged by Trump saying Jews disloyal if they vote for Democrats
    President Donald Trump on Tuesday criticized Jewish Americans who vote for Democrats, saying "it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty." Trump was speaking to the press in the Oval Office about two Democratic congresswomen barred from entering Israel over their involvement in the movement to end
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 7:14 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Biden’s lead confirms 2020 as a battle for America’s soul
    Joe Biden is back in a double-digit lead in the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, up 7 points since late June. That's the finding in the latest CNN poll, released Tuesday, showing Biden's lead about where it was when he entered the race, and before the two rounds
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 6:17 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Playboy columnist sues Trump White House over press pass suspension
    Playboy magazine White House correspondent Brian Karem is going to court to fight for the immediate restoration of his press pass. He filed suit in federal court on Tuesday, naming President Trump and press secretary Stephanie Grisham as defendants, and alleging that the White House has violated his Constitutional right
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 6:15 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Trump dice que su Gobierno está en contacto con el régimen de Maduro en Venezuela
    (CNN) — El presidente Donald Trump dijo el martes que Estados Unidos ha estado en contacto con el régimen de Nicolás Maduro en Venezuela. “Sí”, dijo Trump a los periodistas en la Oficina Oval cuando se le preguntó si la administración había estado en contacto con representantes del régimen. “Estamos
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 6:00 pm EDT - 20 August
  • How a hacked American nightclub Twitter account was implicated in China’s information war
    Twitter recently took down a covert network of nearly 1,000 accounts it says are tied to the Chinese government. Many, but not all, of the accounts attacked pro-Democracy protesters in Hong Kong. Twitter posted a list of all the accounts it had removed along with the tweets the accounts had
    Topic: TechnologyPublished at 5:58 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Planned Parenthood forced to make an impossible choice
    The Trump administration just took an important step that may well increase the abortion rate, lead to unintended pregnancies, push women toward self-induced and potentially unsafe abortions and curb free speech -- all with a single rule. How very "pro-life" of them. Abortion is a legal medical procedure in the
    Topic: CommentaryPublished at 5:54 pm EDT - 20 August
  • PD: Las Vegas man attempted to kidnap Conner High School student from parking lot
    Click here for updates on this story HEBRON, KY (WCPO) -- When Benjamin Margitza’s unwanted, obsessive and highly sexual social media messages to a 16-year-old Conner High School student got him nothing but blocked, he flew from Las Vegas to Hebron and attempted to kidnap her, police said Monday night.
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 5:49 pm EDT - 20 August
  • A bear broke into a house and raided the fridge as terrified teens hid in the next room
    As two teens watched TV at home late one night, little did they know that the person in the other room opening the refrigerator for a midnight snack wasn't a person at all. It was a bear. "I heard footsteps, and then I heard Tupperware being opened really loudly and
    Topic: USAPublished at 5:44 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Tabaré Vázquez anuncia que le han encontrado un nódulo pulmonar que podría ser un “proceso maligno”
    (CNN Español) — El presidente de Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, afirmó en rueda de prensa este martes en Montevideo que en un estudio tomográfico que le realizaron le han encontrado un nódulo pulmonar derecho, con “características firmes de que podría ser un proceso maligno”. El mandatario afirmó que se siente bien
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 5:33 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Florida man arrested for botched castration inside Highlands County home
    Click here for updates on this story HIGHLANDS COUNTY, FL (WFTS) -- Deputies in Highlands County have arrested a man for attempting to perform a castration inside his home. Deputies were called to 74-year-old Gary Van Ryswyk's home located on Orday Road in Sebring on Sunday, August 18. When they
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 5:32 pm EDT - 20 August
  • ‘The Matrix’ reloads with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss
    Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will again reenter "The Matrix," starring in a third sequel to the 1999 science fiction film that's expected to begin production next year. The stars will be reunited with one of the original writer-directors, Lana Wachowski, who worked on the original movies with her sister,
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 5:28 pm EDT - 20 August
  • USDA shrinks buyout packages for employees who won’t relocate to Kansas City
    The US Department of Agriculture is shrinking payments offered to employees who applied for buyouts rather than relocate to the greater Kansas City area, according to a document obtained by CNN. The one-time payouts are being reduced from $25,000 to $10,000 because so many workers applied, according to the document.
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 5:27 pm EDT - 20 August
  • A tiny kinkajou sneaked into a Florida home and attacked a man
    A feisty, fruit-loving kinkajou fought its way into a Florida home, leaving scores of leg bites in its wake. Michael Litersky of Lake Worth spotted a kinkajou, exotic cousin of the raccoon, hanging out on a fence outside his girlfriend's home, so he left out pieces of watermelon for the
    Topic: USAPublished at 5:22 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Window washer rescued after dangling from Chicago high-rise
    Click here for updates on this story Chicago, IL (WGN) -- A window washer was rescued after dangling off the side of a 58-floor high-rise in River North. Around noon Tuesday, Chicago police and fire crews responded to calls for a rescue at 33 West Ontario. A man became stuck
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 5:20 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Trump admin formally approves fighter jet sale to Taiwan amid China trade fight
    The Trump administration has formally approved a major $8 billion arms sale to Taiwan involving 66 new F-16C/D fighter jets, the State Department announced Tuesday, a move that comes amid heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing over a range of issues, including trade and Hong Kong. Administration officials and others
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 5:16 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods, uno de los minoristas de armas más grandes de EE.UU., considera dejar de venderlas
    Nueva York (CNN Business) — Dick’s Sporting Goods consideró detener toda la venta de armas a principios de 2018. Un tiroteo en la escuela secundaria en Parkland, Florida, había matado a 17 personas. Y la compañía se conmovió para tomar medidas. “Tuvimos una conversación sobre eso”, dijo el director ejecutivo
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 5:08 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Twin red panda cubs born at Zoo Boise
    Click here for updates on this story BOISE, ID (KGTV) -- Zoo Boise announced the birth of two red panda cubs this summer. The twin cubs, one female and one male, were born on June 19 to parents Dolly and Spud. This the couple's first litter, but Dolly's sixth. Like
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 5:08 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Netflix could face trouble ahead. Here’s why
    "13 Reasons Why" returns to Netflix this weekend for its third season, a show whose premise -- originally built around the mystery surrounding a teen suicide -- really should have wrapped up after one. In a way, the streaming service's decision to hang onto that series, even as it irritates
    Topic: FinancialPublished at 5:05 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Life may have existed on warm, rainy, ancient Mars before winter came
    Although Mars seems cold and inhospitable today, it was a different story 3 billion to 4 billion years ago. A new study suggests that the Red Planet was once warm enough to host pouring rainstorms and flowing water, which would have created an environment that could support simple life. The
    Topic: InternationalPublished at 5:02 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Hillary Clinton critica a Trump por afirmar falsamente que Google “manipuló” millones de votos de 2016
    Washington (CNN) — Hillary Clinton criticó el lunes la falsa afirmación del presidente Donald Trump de que Google manipuló millones de votos por Clinton en las elecciones de 2016, diciendo que el estudio “desacreditado” al que Trump se refirió se basó en “aproximadamente la mitad del número de personas asociadas
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 4:59 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Trump mocks Tlaib’s tears, says she ‘grandstanded’ over grandmother visit
    President Donald Trump on Tuesday mocked Rashida Tlaib's grief over her decision not to visit her grandmother in the West Bank after initially being barred by Israel, claiming the Democratic congresswoman "grandstanded" when she shed tears Monday. Tlaib got tearful as she spoke about visits she had made as a
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 4:55 pm EDT - 20 August
  • KCK mom pulls her daughter out of school after 20-year-old sex offender allowed on property
    Click here for updates on this story KANSAS CITY, KS (WDAF ) -- A KCK mother says Kansas law failed to protect her kids after a sex offender was spotted at New Chelsea Elementary School, numerous times. "Why was he there? He was not supposed to be on that campus;
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 4:50 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Katharine Gorka steps down as Customs and Border Protection press secretary after two months
    Katharine Gorka is leaving her post as press secretary for US Customs and Border Protection after only two months on the job. She confirmed to CNN Tuesday that she is resigning and will leave the agency at the end of the week. "I have served the administration for almost three
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 4:46 pm EDT - 20 August
  • CA woman’s dog put down just hours after arriving at San Diego Humane Society
    Click here for updates on this story SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- A North Park woman is in shock after she said her beloved dog was put down by the San Diego Humane Society just hours after he escaped from her home. Vikki Bush told 10News that Humane Society officials informed
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 4:46 pm EDT - 20 August
  • La nueva película de James Bond ya tiene título
    (CNN) — Ya podemos dejar de llamarla Bond 25. La película número 25 en la franquicia de James Bond ya tiene un título oficial. El martes, la cuenta oficial de Twitter de James Bond anunció que la nueva película se titula No Time to Die (No hay tiempo para morir).
    Topic: EspanolPublished at 4:43 pm EDT - 20 August
  • What do Bob Ross and Michigan have in common? Happy little trees
    If taking time to enjoy nature in Michigan's state parks wasn't relaxing enough, you can now add a little Bob Ross to your experience. For its 100th birthday, the parks system is partnering with Bob Ross Inc. to help the "happy little trees." Michigan's "prison grow" program will be renamed
    Topic: StylePublished at 4:32 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Troops who deployed to US-Mexico border will receive medals
    Thousands of American troops sent to the US-Mexico border as part of the Trump administration's effort to handle the rising number of migrants crossing into the US since April 2018 will be awarded the Armed Forces Service Medal, the Pentagon confirmed Tuesday. The medal honors service members who participate in
    Topic: PoliticalPublished at 4:31 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Pit bulls maul and kill a 9-year-old girl in Detroit
    A 9-year-old girl was mauled to death by dogs on Monday while playing in a Detroit neighborhood, police said. The girl, who has been identified as Emma Hernandez, was in an alley when the three pit bulls attacked her, according to a Detroit Police spokeswoman. Witnesses tried to save the
    Topic: USAPublished at 4:29 pm EDT - 20 August
  • ‘A city with a rich soccer tradition’: St. Louis officially announced as MLS’s 28th team
    Click here for updates on this story ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- It’s official. St. Louis is, at long last, is a part of Major League Soccer. A news release came Tuesday shortly before a press conference was scheduled to begin.The release confirmed what had, over the last week, been the
    Topic: Subscriber ContentPublished at 4:24 pm EDT - 20 August
  • Ronda Rousey nearly severed her finger shooting ‘9-1-1’
    Ronda Rousey nearly severed a finger in a freak on-set accident, she revealed on Tuesday. The actress, WWE star and former MMA fighter was filming the third season of the FOX drama "9-1-1" when she slammed her hand in a door. She initially thought she "jammed her fingers" and finished
    Topic: EntertainmentPublished at 4:14 pm EDT - 20 August